In 1979, Robyn Archer launched A Star is Torn – the one-woman show she would perform for the next 5 years in Australia and London’s West End for a year.

From the very beginning Robyn had the male equivalent in mind.

There were just as many brilliant male vocal/musical/acting talents who died before their time, a list as long as the women. But whereas the women died from a special kind of disjunction/deprivation (all powerful onstage, powerless off – adored on stage but going home alone), the men primarily died of one excess or another. The all-powerful male singing or acting star could have as much as he wanted of anything he wanted – booze, burgers, women, fast cars. And for those not wary enough, not protected enough (or too protected), this excess killed them well before their time.

The Sound of Falling Stars is a vehicle for a special singer/performer. He must empathise with these stars, must be able to sing a wide range of the songs and styles they cover, and must be able to sweat blood in a one-man show. It’s that last factor that makes audiences adore the solo performer, and makes them seem larger than life.

Accepting this role is the accomplished actor, singer and musician, Cameron Goodall. Cameron has worked extensively in theatre for Australia’s major companies. Awards include the Adelaide Critics Circle Award for Individual Excellence, Advertiser Award for Best Actor, Helpmann nominations for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, and an ARIA award for his work as a founding member and composer for the Adelaide band The Audreys.

The show consists of brackets of these stars’ great songs, some known, and others rarer: the songs are interspersed with brief poetic monologues and quotes about the lives of the stars. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as the show builds a collective portrait of loss on a grand scale, superb performance and a sense that this particular star, the one performing live before us, is never going to meet the same fate.




Writer / Director   Robyn Archer

Starring            Cameron Goodall
Accordion           George Butrumlis
Keyboard            Enio Pozebon

Producers           Smartartists Productions

Lighting            Geoff Cobham



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